Meets on a Monday evening at 7:45 pm
in Royden Hall, Frankby, Wirral CH48 1PP

Monday 24th January 2022
 New Year Jig  Jig 8x32 video
 A Trip To Bavaria  Reel 4x32 (4 cpl set) DOM video
 Langholm Fair  Strathspey 3x32 (3 cpl set) video
 Muirland Willie  Jig 8x32 DOM video
 Flight To Melbourne  Reel 4x32 (Squ set) video
 Chasing The Eclipse  Strathspey 3x32 (3 cpl set) DOM video
 The Machine Without Horses  Jig 8x32 video
 Sueno's Stone  Reel 8x32 video
 The Belle Of Bon Accord  Strathspey 4x32 (4 cpl set) video
 Hedwig's Reel  Reel 8x32 video
 City Of Belfast  Strathspey 3x32 (3 cpl set) video
 The Edinburgh Toy Shop  Jig 8x32 video
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