Meets on a Monday evening at 7:45 pm
in Royden Hall, Frankby, Wirral CH48 1PP

Monday 9th May 2022
 The Machine Without Horses  Jig 8x32 video
 The Reel of the 51st Division  Reel 8x32 video
 The Swan and The Tay  Strathspey 3x32 (3 cpl set) video
 The Cranberry Tart  Jig 8x32 video
 Mr Iain Stuart Robertson  Reels 8x32 video
 The Belle Of Bon Accord  Strathspey 4x32 (4 cpl set) video
 Miss Johnstone Of Ardrossan  Reel 5x32 (5 cpl set) video
 Shiftin' Bobbins   Reel 8x32 video
 The Wind On Loch Fyne  Strathspey 3x32 (Triang set) video
 Seton's Ceilidh Band  Jig 4x64 (4cpl set) video
 Cherrybank Gardens  Strathspey 3x32 (3cpl set) video
 Mairi's Wedding  Reel 8x40 video
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